About Our SSR HOA

The Silver Saddle Ranch Homeowners Association is is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of 7 members, elected by the Association, to serve typically a 3 year term.


Additionally, the Board utilizes Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees to achieve its mandates and priorities.


The Board meets monthly, currently digitally due to COVID. All SSR HOA members are welcome to attend our meetings. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Board at ssrhoa@yahoo.com via email and the Board will give you the meeting details for that specific month.


The SSR Fiscal Year runs annually from July 1 - June 30. Annual Membership Dues are $96 for all home owners, and are due on July 1. Notices about dues collection and payment are sent out prior to the due date.


By virtue of living in Silver Saddle Ranch, all Home Owners are members of the Home Owners Association. With that membership comes great privileges and also responsibilities to keep our neighborhood looking and feeling wonderful.

Our Commitments and Priorities

Your SSR Homeowners Association is committed to our Silver Saddle Ranch community.

The SSR Board of Directors has set forth to work on the following priority areas in 2020. These priorities were briefed at our annual SSR HOA meeting on June 29, 2020. Three new Board members were voted in. We will work on these initiatives in addition to intorducing new initiatives in FY2021:

    1.)   HOA Operating Structure

    2.)   HOA Governance

    3.)   HOA Website Development


1. HOA Operating Structure:
In an effort to better serve our Association and to best support our communities interests, the HOA Board of Directors has established the following Board positions and / or committees:

-  Architectural Review Committee (ARC - new*)

-  Neighbor / Community Relations Director (new*)

-  Communications Director / Webmaster


We are excited to welcome our new Board members and would love volunteers who would like to lead or support committees.


We take our legal and fiduciary responsibilities seriously. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to be wise regarding local and state laws, corporation codes and other governing entities related to HOA operations.  As laws and times change, the HOA Board of Directors works to create policies, to establish practices, and to update its governing documents to be in legal compliance.  We've been working to review and update our CCRs. This process is time-consuming, yet very important as State and local laws change. SSR policy creation, reviews and implementation has also been in work. Organizational policies will benefit Silver Saddle Ranch long into the future.



We Welcome Your Participation   - Come Join Us

Are you part of a community interest group or do you have a talent, skill or idea that you'd like to share with SSR? Would you like to lead, start up or be on a committee to support SSR initiatives? If so, we'd love to have you join the HOA team! Email us today at ssrhoa@yahoo.com .